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Thursday, 16 June 2016

Useful Google Maps tips and tricks you need to know

Google Maps is very useful tool, so make it work for you with some of these simple tips and tricks.

Save your home and work addresses

If you have location reporting turned on on your phone Google has a pretty good idea of where your home and work are and will ask you to confirm its guess in Google Now, but if you want to cut straight to the chase you can manually enter your home and work address in Google Maps. Try this...
Just swipe in from the left edge to reveal the side panel and tap Settings, then tap Edit home or work and enter one or both addresses. Not only will this let Google Now give you "time to home" and "time to work" suggestions based on when it thinks you need them, it also enables the quick and easy "take me home" voice command in Maps and will give your home address as a saved option when navigating.

Check depart or arrive timetables for bus and train

You can also use Google Maps to check up on bus and train times to any location. Simply enter the location you want to travel to in the search bar, tap on the blue transportation button in the bottom-right corner, and tap on the icon of the train. You’ll see a list of options based on the current time.

If you want to check when a later train is available or see when the last train leaves, then tap where it says Depart at and enter a specific time, or you can tap on Last to find your latest option. You can also filter the results by type of transport (bus, train, underground), and set preferences in terms of fewer transfers or less walking via Options in the top-right corner.

Save maps to view offline

Google Maps does offer basic offline mapping capabilities.

To save an area for offline use, tap the search bar and then scroll to the bottom of the screen and tap Save map to use offline. You'll be taken back to the map with a prompt to pan and zoom to the area you want to save — everything viewable on the screen will be saved so long as it isn't too big. Tap Save offline map, give the map a name, and it will remain on your device for 30 days before it's deleted.

Keep in mind that the downloaded maps don't include points of interest or navigation — you're just getting raw map data for the area and nothing more.

Save your favorite locations

You can also save locations quite easily, and it can be a real time-saver in the future when you look for a place again. In order to do it, simply tap on the place you want to save on the map, expand the information by tapping on the address at the bottom, and then tap the star that says Save underneath.

When a location has been saved, that star will be gold. Go into the menu and you’ll find Saved places listed under Your places.

Create your own maps

Whether you want to share your knowledge with friends, or help guide your kids or elderly parents, the ability to create custom maps can prove very useful. Google offers a set of tools for creating your own maps, marking routes, points of interest, directions, and more.

To get started, make sure you’re signed into your Google account and go to My Maps in your browser.
You should get a short tutorial with tips if this is the first time you’ve tried it. It’s easy to set a location and mark your POIs and routes, but you can also import layers and data, color different areas and routes, and a lot more. Your creations are automatically saved to your Google Drive, and you can find them in the Google Maps app on your phone via the menu > Your places.

See street view on mobile

If you want to see a photo of any location, then you need Street View. Touch and hold on the map to drop a pin on your chosen location, then tap at the bottom where it says Dropped pin (or the address) to bring the information up. You should see an image that says Street View on it. Tap that, and you’ll launch into Street View at your chosen location.

 You can also share that Street View by tapping the menu in the top-right corner and tapping Share.

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Delete files using Disk Cleanup and speed up your computer

          If you want to reduce the number of unnecessary files on your hard disk to free up disk space and help your computer run faster, use Disk Cleanup. A handy way to remove lots of files you don’t need on a hard drive is to employ the aptly named Disk Cleanup tool. It removes temporary files, empties the Recycle Bin, and removes a variety of system files and other items that you no longer need. 

Follow these steps to run Disk Cleanup :

1. From the Start button menu, choose All Programs  →  Accessories  →  System Tools  →  Disk Cleanup.
2. In the Drives list, click the hard disk drive that you want to clean up, and then click OK.
The prompt appears only when you have multiple storage media on your PC. You probably want to choose drive C, the main storage device.

3. In the Disk Cleanup dialog box, place check marks by all the items you want to remove.
It’s okay to place check marks by all items. Those things wouldn’t be listed if they were crucial to the computer’s operation.

4. Click OK.
After click a dialog box will open.

5. Click the Delete Files button to begin the cleanup process.
Wait while the disk is being cleaned. When the process is complete, the window goes away.

Note : You can also access the Disk Cleanup utility from a disk drive’s Properties dialog box by clicking the Disk Cleanup button on the General tab.

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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Tricks of Google Photos Android App - Best photo app ever

Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos. Automatically organized and searchable, you can find photos fast and bring them to life. It’s the photo gallery that thinks like you do.

Your photos are now searchable by the places and things that appear in them. Looking for that fish taco you ate in Hawaii? Just search “food in Hawaii” to find it – no tagging required.

Automatically backup all your photos and videos. Access them on any device or on the web at Your photos are safe, secure, and private to you.

Never worry about running out of space on your phone again. In Settings, just tap “Free up device storage” – photos that are safely backed up will be removed from your device’s storage, but will still be available in Google Photos.

Enjoy automatically created montage movies, interactive stories, collages, animations, panoramas, and more from your photos. Or you can easily create them yourself – just tap +.

Transform photos with the tap of a finger. Use simple, yet powerful, photo and video editing tools to apply filters, adjust colors, and more.

Get everyone’s photos and videos in one place, across Android, iOS, and the web. Privately sharing all the photos you took – and getting the ones you didn’t – has never been easier.

Instantly share up to 1,500 photos with anyone – no matter what device they’re on. In the share menu, just tap Create Link.

It’s easier than ever to relive your memories. The Assistant can create collages of your old photos that help you relive the past.

View your photos and videos on your TV with Chromecast support.

Here are some useful tricks for this app. 

Make Awesome Movies, Animations and Collages

You can use Google Photos to create movies, animations and collages using your pictures. If you just went to an event and would now like to make a movie of the pictures you clicked, easy Google Photos is your buddy. You can edit these movies, animations and collages as per your wish and turn it into a completely beautiful memory.

To do any of this all you have to do is select the pictures you want to and then tap on the Plus sign that you see on the top-right. Having done that, you will set the option to create a new album, collage, animation and even a movie. That’s all, Google will work its magic and give you the auto-awesome photos in no time.

Make Shared Albums with Smart Suggestions

With the recent update, Google has enhanced the feature further. Shared albums have now gotten smarter, as people who join albums can add comments to individual pictures as well as albums. After you have received a shared album, you will also get smart suggestions to add your pictures to it.

If you have a picture you would like to add to the shared album, you won’t have to wait for it. You can simply add your best photos onto the album with one tap, for everyone to feast their eyes on.

Adjust Date and Time of Multiple Photos

We love taking pictures when we are travelling, however if you are travelling far way, chances are, you might miss out on changing the time zone, resulting in Google Photos’ library being disorganized with pictures featuring wrong time stamps. You will then have to change the time stamps of each photos individually, which can be quite a task. Thankfully, Google Photos’ new feature lets you easily edit the time stamp on multiple photos at once.

To do so, simply select the photos whose time stamp you want to change and click “Edit date & time” in the menu drop-down. Then, you’ll be able to shift or set the time stamps, and preview the changes before saving.

Select Your Favorite Emoji into Search to Pull Up Corresponding Photos

You may have heard a lot about how smart the search on Google Photos has become, but you wouldn’t expect it to pull up photos without you typing a proper word.You can now search for photos that you had uploaded previously with just the help of emojis.

Basically, you don’t have to type ice-cream or stars or anything in the search box, if there is an emoji for it. Google Photos is capable of searching for your pictures using just the emoji. So, try entering your favorite emojis into the search box and see what pops up. Keep in mind though that the feature requires you to be connected to the internet to work.

Free up Storage by Converting Images from Original to High Quality

You may have been backing up your photos in their original size till now without any thought about how much size it is occupying, but if you want to change your mind now, Google Photos allows you to do so. You can easily convert the size of photos that you had initially backed up in their original size to high quality size. You can change the size to high quality by going to Settings?Free up device storage.

You will find the option to reduce the photo size in Google Photos Settings. However, If you uploaded your photos in high quality to begin with, this might not be of much use to you. But, if you are one of the many people who have uploaded a lot of pics in their original size, this will offer you a way to save some storage space.

Use Mix and Match Search

We are bound to again mention the amazing wonder that is the search feature in Google Photos. The search feature in Google Photos is so amazing that you can type in multiple variables at the same time in the search box and get just the result you were looking for.

Enter different things like people, place, and things together and you will be surprised to see how accurate Google Photos’ search feature is. Google likes to call the search in Google Photos “smart” and after you’ve used it, I'm sure you’ll agree to it.
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Monday, 23 May 2016

How to Connect USB Storage Devices to Your Android Phone

That phone in your pocket is essentially a miniature computer, and can do more than just make phone calls. Your Android phone uses its microUSB port for charging and transferring files back and forth with your PC.

Fortunately, with some free software and an inexpensive adapter cable, you can attach a USB key or card reader directly to your handset. Here's how to connect your Android phone to a USB storage device.

Collect your materials, what You Need to Connect USB Storage to Android Phones
A USB OTG ("On the Go") cable with a male microUSB connector on one end and a female full size USB port on the other.

A rooted Android phone: If your phone is not already rooted, you'll need to find specific instructions for your make, model and carrier. The has easy-to-follow rooting tutorials for most the major Android phones from the past few years. The XDA developer forums have rooting instructions for almost every phone, but many of its posts can be difficult to understand.

You'll also need to download two apps. ES File Explorer and StickMount. You can also use other apps like this.

Plug in
Connect the OTG cable to your phone and attach the USB Flash Drive. Launch StickMount and then tap OK to mount the drive. You can also choose to have StickMount launch automatically every time a flash drive is connected.

The app will pop up an alert to let you know if the mounting was successful, and list the directory where you'll find your files in the file explorer app.

Start exploring
Fire up the file explorer app—ES File Explorer, in this case. Head tosdcard/usbStorage and look for the name of your flash drive. Tap it, and you should be able to see the files contained on the memory stick.

Now you can use flash drives to load things like movies, photos, and songs without transferring them over to your device's internal storage. You can also move over a batch of files from the flash drive to your device using the file explorer app.

If you find you're having issues getting the flash drive to show up in your file explorer application, try simply turning the phone on and off again after installing StickMount.
You'll know that the phone recognizes the USB drive when you see its name pop up in the accompanying popup dialog window (shown above).

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Friday, 1 April 2016

Top 10 unknown Google tricks.

As a World’s biggest search engine, Google is holding many secret tricks inside it.Google have some magical tricks that will blow your mind. So this article is about Google tricks. Here is a list of top ten Google tricks for better use of Google. Many people don't know this simple and useful tricks.

1. Find weather and movies

Type "weather" or "movies" followed by a zip code or city and state to display current weather conditions or movie theaters in your area. For example, typing weather wether 380001 gives you the current weather conditions for Ahmedabad City, Gujarat. Typing movies 395003 gives you a link for show times for movies in that area.

2. Local search

Visit Google Local enter the area you want to search and the keyword of the place you want to find. For example, typing: restaurant at the above link would display local restaurants.

3. Translate

Translate text, a full web page, or search by using the Google Language Tools.

4. Definitions

Pull up the definition of the word by typing define followed by the word you want to define. For example, typing: “Define Burger” would display the definition of that word.

5. Countdown timer

You can set timer of your choice by just typing “Set Timer” in search bar and then hit enter.Timer will appear to you and you can now set timer of your choice by clicking on it.When timer will over a sound will be played by Google.

6. Calculator

Use the Google Search engine as a calculator by typing a math problem in the search. For example, typing: 100 + 200 would display results as 300.

7. Stocks

Quickly get to a stock quote price, chart, and related links by typing the stock symbol in Google. For example, typing: msft displays the stock information for Microsoft.

8. Track airline flight and packages

Enter the airline and flight number to display the status of an airline flight and it's arrival time. For example, type: delta 123 to display this flight information if available.
Google can also give a direct link to package tracking information if you enter a UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking number.

9.Phone number lookup

Enter a full phone number with area code to display the name and address associated with that phone number.

10. Find PDF results only

Add fileType: to your search to display results that only match a certain file type. For example, if you wanted to display PDF results only type: news fileType:pdf -- this is a great way to find online manuals.

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Thursday, 31 March 2016

Topic about Health Insurance :- What consumers can look forward to this year ?

The insurance sector did not witness unprecedented growth or high sales volume during 2015. However, thanks to a few crucial factors that steadied the sector, insurance firms were able to ride out their cash crunch and brace themselves to offer new products in 2016. Here are some of the major reforms that the sluggish sector witnessed in 2015.

Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2015
With the passing of the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill 2015, the sector witnessed a fresh inflow of capital, eliminating the cash crunch that most insurance companies were facing. With an approval of 49 per cent direct foreign investment in the sector, new players are likely to enter the market in the near future. The consolidation of the insurance market means more products and offers for consumers to choose from.

Mis-selling now a thing of the past
One big problem almost everyone faced while buying insurance was the rampant mis-selling. With the passing of the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2015, a penalty clause fining insurance companies up to Rs 25 crore for mis-selling was announced. With Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) getting more powers to ensure that consumers protection remains paramount, one can now buy insurance without worrying about being sold a plan that offers no benefits.

Amended discharge vouchers rule
Earlier signing on a discharge voucher nullified a consumer’s right to complain against denial of adequate claims in the past. Not anymore, as the IRDA has ensured that even if a consumer signs on a discharge voucher he/she can still retain the right to challenge the claim denial in a court of law. This is an added privilege for policy holders.

Increasing use of technology

The role of technology has brought about a major change in the sector. Insurers are now using technology to track all its potential claims, thereby speeding up claim verification. With insurance companies relying more on technology thereby lowering their manpower requirements, it helps them to reduce their costs.

Professional indemnity plans

Professional indemnity plans were not as popular in India as compared to other countries. With an increase in financial awareness and easy availability of professional indemnity plans, there has been a substantial increase in the number of professionals opting for such plans.

Likely reforms in the insurance sector in 2016.

The current year is likely to witness many more reforms. Here is a look at what is in store for the consumers. The universal health insurance plan: The government is working on the modalities to announce a new universal health insurance plan. The plan is likely to cover cashless hospitalisation and coverage for pre-existing diseases after a waiting period of around 2 years, all with a nominal premium payment. There are also talks of the government coming out with a consolidated cover for the universal health plan for the entire family with a single sum insured.

Health insurance to witness innovative product line: With rising medical care costs and inflow of new insurance companies after relaxation of FDI norms, a host of new and innovative health insurance plans are likely to be in the offing. Life stage based plans, city based plans, and many new innovative products are being contemplated by various insurance companies to tap the health insurance market.
Customised insurance: Consumers may soon be able to purchase a custom made insurance plan, considering specific needs and financial plans, rather than a one-for-all plan. From life insurance to general insurance, just about every insurer is now open to the idea of offering a customised insurance plan based on certain fixed parameters and guidelines.

The insurance sector is now looking forward to a rejuvenated 2016, after getting a positive impetus in 2015. As an insurance seeker, one can expect innovative and unique products in the near future.
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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Best 10 Facebook Tricks 2016 More Useful For Your Facebook

Well almost 9 out of 10 people uses Facebook. Facebook is now a part of our life. many people just know about using messaging,status and other common things. But here is something new if you are daily facebook user or facebook addict then these facebook tricks will definitely help you !!. Here is collection of best facebook tricks 2016 use these latest facebook hacks 2016 which will make you cool user of facebook 😀

Facebook is world’s best and most popular social networking website will help us to connect with our friends,family and also helps us to discover new friends !! Also facebook is helping many people to run their business. Facebook is the largest social network with billions of active users every month and it is available in more than 70 languages over the world. Recently it created the history by touching the mark of 1 billion active users per day.We love to use Facebook in daily life on facebook we chat with our friends,share pictures,share videos,comments,share our emotions and many more !!

If you want to make using facebook more interesting then you are at right place. You can easily make facebook more interesting with latest working facebook tricks. So here I am sharing Best Facebook Tricks 2016 :

Best Facebook Tricks 2016

#1. Hide Message Seen On Facebook

Now facebook shows a “SEEN” mark when you read a message. Sometime you don’t want to reply a message but you want to read it then here comes the problem !! With this facebook tricks you can hide seen message on facebook You can easily do this just by installing a chrome extension.

Download UnSeen Extension 

#2. Make Invisible Page on Facebook With This Facebook Hack 2016

Now you can also create a Ghost facebook page or facebook invisible page that is a page without any name !. Just follow the steps below to make a hidden facebook fan page :

  • First of all go to create new Facebook page option.
  • now just select any Category you want.
  • Now copy the code inside the brackets [᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌᠌᠌᠌] and paste in the name field that’s it.
  • Now just click on I agree to Facebook Pages Terms and then Get Stated.
  • That’s it You are done !!

#3. Facebook Video Downloader

There are many tutorials online which allows you to download videos from facebook but all of them requires you to use any software or any kind of plugin to download facebook videos but this can be easily done with facebook video downloader. You can download photos from Facebook from easily.So, here i’m providing a quick and step by step guide on facebook video downloader free without any software.

  • First of all go to the Facebook video that you want to download in your pc . The video url will look like the below url.
  • “″
  • Now just change www in the url with m and leave everything else as they are and press enter. Now the video url will start looking something like below.
  • Now play the video and once the video start playing right-click on it and click on SaveVideo As option in the right-click menu.
  • After you will click on it a pop up will come and ask you for the location where you want to save it on your pc or laptop.
  • After selecting the place just click on the save button and it will start download facebook videos.

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#4. How To Delete Facebook Account

Step 1 : Log in you Facebook account which you want to delete.

Step 2 : Deleting facebook account will permanently deletes your all data on facebook.So, if want to save your facebook photos,messages you can simply download facebook data.

Go to Setting > General Account Setting.
You’ll be able to see an option “Download a copy of your Facebook data” at the bottom.Just click on it and it will start downloading you facebook account data.

Step 3 : Just go to below link in order to delete facebook account.

Link : Delete Facebook Account

Step 4 : Now just click on delete my account, to delete facebook account permanently.

Step 5 : Enter your password and enter the captcha then click on OK.

Step 6 : You are done !!

NOTE : Facebook will take 14 days to delete your account. If you log in to your account during that period could prevent it from being deleted.

#5. How To View Private Facebook Pictures

Privacy settings in Facebook help the users to hide or lock their profile pictures and other pictures from public or specific people.This setting is pretty necessary to use looking at the increase in users of Facebook so that unknown user/stranger is not able to get access to your profile picture or other albums.However,even after using this setting there is a way where one can view private facebook pictures.In this article we are going to share how to view private facebook pictures.

Step 1 : First of all open the timeline of which you want to view private facebook pictures.Now you need a Username or Profile ID of person whom profile picture you want to see.

Step 2 : Just copy the Username and Profile ID in notepad or anywhere are the url.

Step 3 : Then replace the Paste-username-here from the below given link with the Username or profile ID.

Then it will looks like as below :-

Step 4 :  Now to copy link and paste them into new tab of browser.

Step 5 : Just press the enter and view private facebook pictures. :)

Note : This guide is for educational purpose only !! Don’t miss use anyone’s photos.

#6. How To Block Game Requests On Facebook

1. First of all log in to your facebook account where you want to block game requests on facebook.

2. Now for the next step on how to block game requests on facebook . Go to this link [ Games Activity ]

3. Now you have to find an app/game you want to ignore invite or to block Facebook game requests for and click on the “X” button.

Note : This will decline any requests to play this Facebook game. This will not block game invites on facebook.

4. When you click on “X” button the following additional option will appears on the screen.

5. In the yellow box, click “ignore all requests from” and you’ll never receive about that from your friend who keeps on inviting you on facebook.

6. Now click on Block [App/Game Name] and then click Confirm. To block game invites on facebook.

7.  You are successfully block game requests on facebook !! :)
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#7. Stop Facebook Auto Play Videos

Now Facebook automatically plays video on the web and also on iPhone, iPad and Android. You can easily turn it off. So, if you don’t want to see annoying videos playing automatically then just follow the following one of best facebook tricks :

On the web go to Settings >> Videos >> Auto-play Videos >> Off.

On iPhone go to Settings  >> Videos & Photos >> Auto-play >> Never Play Videos Automatically.

On Android go to Settings >> App Settings >> Video Auto-play >> Off.

You can also choose that play video only when on Wi-Fi network of this you have to choose “only use WiFi” on iPhone or Android so that you don’t use your cellular data to play those videos automatically.

#8. Turn Off Facebook Notifications on Your Phone

Getting many notifications on facebook ? or Tired of getting notifications every hour ! ? Then you can easily get rid of these notifications on android or iPhone and stop them. Stopping these notifications does not stop the message notifications you will still get the new message notifications that great !! Just follow the below steps to turn off facebook notifications !!

On the iPhone

Go to Settings >> Notifications >> Tap on Facebook >> Turn off the Allow Notifications option.

On Android

Go to Facebook >> Tap on the Three Lines in the upper right >> App Settings >> Uncheck Notifications.

#9. Post Blank Status On Facebook

Posting blank or empty status on Facebook is funny right? Yes now you can do this without using any extension or software. Here is trick which allows you to post blank status.Just Press Alt button on keyboard and type 0173 and click on post button to post blank status update.

#10. Schedule Facebook Status Updates

You can easily schedule your facebook status updates just as facebook posts there is website named Buffer which allows you to set schedule status update. By using this service you can write some status update and set the time to schedule the status.
Buffer also allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. The Buffer app is also avalible for Android and Google Chrome Browser.

So, above are the best facebook tricks 2016. I hope you will enjoy and use these facebook tricks. Bookmark this page now because we will update this page with latest best facebook hacks 2016. Don’t forget to share these tricks with your friends !
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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Best Gaming Android App - 2016 Free

In our list of the best free Android games, we look at the some of the Play Store's most impressive free-to-play titles across a number of genres. We've recently updated our article to make it even easier to find the type of games you're looking for – head below to see what's going on. 
Dead Effect 2

It may not be wholly original or game-changing, but Dead Effect 2 brings the polish and shine of console first player shooters to Android. Wander around a space station that's riddled with the undead and test your problem-solving skills as you try valiantly to survive.

What really makes this game worthy of inclusion on our list is the graphics. They are simply stunning. If your device is up to the challenge, there's no way you won't be impressed the visuals that Dead Effect 2 has on offer. The controls and mechanics can be customized, so be sure to check out the options for doing that if they feel a little lightweight or clumsy to you.

Dead Trigger 2
Following the success of their first game, MadFinger Games released Dead Trigger 2, which is so zombielicious you’ll be asking for more blood and guts after just a few minutes of playing. You must travel through various undead-infested areas of the world, killing as many zombies with your jam-packed artillery of weapons. It’s positively disgusting, and that’s why we love it

Hopeless: The Dark Cave

Horror, comedy and cuteness combine to great effect in this shooter about a small group of incandescent blobs in the middle of a dark cave, trying to fight off an endless horde of dark-dwelling monstrosities.

There is no end to the game as such, you just collect coins to upgrade your weapons arsenal for the next go, and do your best to keep the cute little fellas alive. The game is not for the faint-hearted because watching the brave blobs get swallowed up one-by-one by the darkness can be heart-rending. 

SHADOWGUN is the best multi-player shooter on Android, and will push powerful Android devices to the limit because of its demanding graphics. There are several classic shooter modes, including Deathmatch, and the Battlefield-style Zone Control. There is also an easy-to-use multiplayer voice chat, to help you better coordinate your team – or yell insults at your enemy.

Arena shooters are tough to implement on Android, but SHADOWGUN: DeadZone pulls it off

Plants vs Zombies 2

Sequel to one of the most successful free-to-play games ever, EA’s Plants vs Zombies 2 retains the spirit of the original while adding more zombies, plants and power ups. This colorful tower defense game will suck up a lot of your time (and potentially money, if you want to make use of its in-app purchases), but you are guaranteed fun along the way.

If you are into racecar driving, look no further than Asphalt 8: Airborne, a favorite arcade game among Android users. Why do we love it so much? It's free for a start, and you get to choose between real-life cars that you’ve always dreamed of driving – from Lamborghinis to Ferraris – ripping them down courses in various stunning locations.

If you have a competitive streak, you can drive in career mode, which takes you through eight seasons and 180 events.

This multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) is as good to play as it is to look at, and while there are the inevitable in-app purchases, the core game is free to play. The game makes it across to Android after a successful run on iOS, and if there's a better developer name than Super Evil Megacorp, we'd love to know what it is.

Vainglory comes to Android after lots of great reviews on iOS.

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